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Small Working Compass Necklace with Custom Map and Personalized Quote
Image depicts 3 small brass compasses on darkened brass chains; two showing the back navigation side of the compass, one showing the front with map and quote design.  The navigation side is white with a silver & red needle. Each map and quote are custom.

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A Victoria Allison Jewelry original! This back of this small working compass necklace features an antique map print of the city of your choice, with an overlay of your own personalized quote (on tea stained paper.) The navigation on the front side of the compass glows in the dark!
Production Time: 2 weeks before shipping

Chain Length*:

City Featured*:

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The compass is a magnetic compass. The outer case is raw brass, and measures approximately 1-inch wide (25cm) and about 1/4-inch thick (.64cm.) The arrow will point towards magnetic north - during use, keep it away from laptops, cell phones, etc. which will disrupt the accuracy of the arrow.

The compass hangs on an antiqued/darkened brass chain, in your choice of length up to 30-inches/76cm long.

The map and quote design is displayed on the *back* of the compass, and is sealed with an acrylic jeweler's resin for a glossy finish. To protect the inner components of the compass, please keep it dry - do not swim or bathe with your compass.


Please write in your featured city choice when ordering, and I will display it either above or below your quote, depending on the map. ***PLEASE NOTE*** that these maps are printed from my own antique atlas collection. The atlases are nearly 100 years old and sadly do not include *all* cities and towns, so some small towns may not be available. You may write in a 2nd choice/alternative if you are unsure whether I'll have the first one. All major cities are available. Unfortunately I cannot offer street addresses or landmarks.


You may choose a special quote, phrase, birth date, initials, coordinates, anything you can dream up, and I will print it onto paper which I have hand tea-stained. Keep in mind that space is limited on this very small sized compass. Shorter quotes/phrases/etc of 45 characters or less (including spaces) can fit.


Each piece of jewelry is sent in my standard logo gift box tied with a ribbon, ready for gift giving or receiving!

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