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Small Brass Working Compass Necklace with Personalized Zodiac Constellation
Small brass compass featuring a hand stamped constellation on the back side. Choose from zodiac constellations or other popular constellations. Hangs from an antiqued brass chain.

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Wear your star sign or the sign of someone you love while you navigate
through life, with this fun custom constellation compass necklace -
featuring your choice of constellation on the back side of a small
working compass!
Production Time: 2 weeks before shipping

Tiny Brass Star Charm with Initial:

Chain Length*:


The back side of the small compass is raw (gold-toned) brass, and displays a hand-stamped constellation of your choice. Brass will naturally darken over time, but you can brighten it up with a polishing pad if you wish. Optional: For additional personalization, you can add an a tiny brass star charm, hand stamped with the initial of your choice.

The compass is a magnetic compass. It is made of brass, and measures approximately 1-inch wide (25cm) and about 1/4-inch thick (.64cm.) The navigation design is vintage-styled. The arrow will point towards magnetic north - during use, keep it away from laptops, cell phones, etc. which will disrupt the accuracy of the arrow.

The compass hangs from an antiqued/darkened brass chain with a lobster clasp closure, in your choice of length up to 30-inches/76cm long.

To prolong the life of your jewelry, please keep it protected from harsh chemicals/perfumes/lotions and do not swim, bathe, etc, while wearing it.

Zodiac and Constellation Chart:

Capricorn (Dec21-Jan19)
Aquarius (Jan20-Feb18)
Pisces (Feb19-Mar20)
Aries (Mar21-Apr20)
Taurus (Apr21-May20)
Gemini (May21-June20)
Cancer (Jun21-July21)
Leo (July22-Aug21)
Virgo (Aug22-Sept21)
Libra (Sept22-Oct22)
Scorpio (Oct23-Nov21)
Sagittarius (Nov22-Dec20)

Ursa Major ("Big Dipper")
Ursa Major & Ursa Minor ("Big Dipper" and "Little Dipper")
Ursa Minor ("Little Dipper")
Pleiades ("Seven Sisters")
Southern Cross

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